How to Get Black Mold Out of Capet

How to get Black Mold out of Carpet

Black mold on carpet flooring is very dangerous and more common than you think, especially if the area was effected by a flood, or is located in a non-lit and damp area. If left untreated (which you shouldn’t), it can spread and cause serious and noticeable problems such as unpleasant smells, fabric damage, and most importantly health issues. Home Pros highly suggest finding a solution that removes it right away. What most people don’t know, there might be existing products in your house that you could use. If you have black mold on carpet, start by removing as much excess moisture up (cloth, drying machine, sponge). Use a disinfectant solution such as alcohol, vinegar etc. to kill the bacteria and remove any staining. Finally, dry the area and ensure it is as dry as possible to prevent any chance of happening again. The owner at Enviro-Care Inc. is here to help consumers learn how to get black mold out of carpet – your welcome!

First, What Causes Black Mold?

Before learning how to get rid of black mold, it is necessary to understand why it appears on your fabrics. Basically, mold could grow on almost all surfaces or substances in your home, as long as moisture exists. In addition, some other important factors for the growth of black mold include nutrients, light, and temperature.

Since carpets fabric has the ability to keep moisture like a sponge, it’s common for bacteria to exist. Another reason is the buildup of dust in high-traffic areas, which provides mold with a sufficient amount of nutrients to exist and grow.

Getting Mold Out of Carpet

4 simple steps to get rid of black mold in your carpet:

Step 1: Wear Safety Gear & Clothes

How to Remove Mold from Carpet Vinegar

Before starting, it is necessary to wear safety gear and clothes. A medium or high-efficiency filter mask is ideal for reducing the risk of breathing mildew spores. Also, you should wear goggles and rubber gloves to avoid direct exposure to black mold.

Keep in mind to clean those items thoroughly after cleaning.

Step 2: Removing the Carpet (optional)

If possible, remove carpeting from inside the home and take it outdoors. Slightly dampen the affected area on your carpet with clean water. This would prevent those mildew spores and mold particles from spreading during the process of moving..

If the below-padding is moldy, you should remove and replace it with a new one.

Step 3: Killing the Bacteria

Apply a disinfectant solution or make one using liquids such as alcohol, vinegar, soap and water to the affected areas. Then use a stiff bristle brush to scrub thoroughly till all the mold’s residue is removed. Keep in mind to apply the same thing for the flooring area under the carpet.

*Clean at your own risk – we suggest hiring professional carpet cleaners. We are not at fault if the cleaning process discolors the carpet or ruins the fabric.*

Step 4: Dry the Area

Use something absorbent to dry the area i.e. sponge, clean paper towels, clean cloth etc. Absorbing as much dampness as possible is crucial. After that, it’s recommended to use a HEPA filtered vacuum to remove any spores.

One Last Thing on Carpet Mold

Knowing how to get black mold out of carpet will help you tackle the problem before it spreads to other parts of your home. Black mold can cause health issues, in addition to the odors and damage to your house. Whether you are tackling immediate stains or old stubborn spots, or your carpet just needs a deep clean, our master carpet cleaners at Enviro-Care Inc. is here to help and do the dirty work.

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