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Wall to Wall Carpet and Stairs

We use the HOST® system to clean wall to wall carpet and stair carpeting. It works like a sponge as it traps and holds the dirt, odors and allergens found deep in your carpet. What makes the HOST® system truly exceptional is that it is a dry extraction process, there is no sticky detergent residue or dirty wastewater to attract new soil or enable mold and mildew growth. Your carpet is dry and ready to use immediately. HOST® is safe for all carpets including stain resistant, wool and Oriental carpets using less than one teaspoon of liquid per square foot.

  • Reduces dust mites and dust mite allergens by 75%.
  • Reduces cat allergen and mold spores by 85%.
  • Lifts matted carpet while removing soil.
  • Carpets are dry and ready for immediate use.
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